The Power pillar was designed to increase civic engagement, facilitate affordable access to education and career-readiness, and encourage community leaders to address challenges in the areas of economic empowerment, health, and education impacting the Black community.

State Of The Village: Did You Know...?

Black people comprise ~13% of the US population, yet we only hold 3% (3 of 100) of US Senate seats

Black women are among the most engaged and influential voting blocs in the country. Their expanding influence and political power will shape the trajectory of America for generations

While Black Americans make up ~13% of the US population, they account for ~33% of the US incarcerated population and ~23% of people killed by police

  • ETV Goals
    • track_changes Ensure that all Black Americans have the opportunity to realize their full potential unimpeded by the vestiges of racism, systemic abuse & discrimination
      track_changes Engage, educate, and activate the Black community and its allies to achieve ETV's health, wealth, and empowerment goals
      track_changes Cultivate & empower community leaders that advance our strategic agenda
  • ETV Solutions
    check Operation: Ballot Box™ - How, When, and Where To Vote Safely & Reliably
    check Village Strivers™ - Increase academic accomplishments and the percentage of Black adults with college and advanced degrees, lessen the financial burdens and barriers to prosperity, as well as prepare them for skills-based employment, professional careers and entrepreneurship
    check Know Thyself™ - Coming soon! Cultural Education Initiatives

Black Votes Matter: Numbers Don't Lie!

There is power in your voice and your vote!

Check out our June 2021 Power Post to see how Black voters have impacted recent elections

Now is the time to engage in strategic action with sustainable results!
Education & Cultural Pride
Know Thyself!™
ETV is tackling Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (our PTSD) through customized age-appropriate education fostering cultural pride. We are also developing a curriculum and championing programs that promote a growth mindset of possibilities, self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem.
Community Education Panel - Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome & Reframing the Narrative
February 24th, 2022

Virtual Event - Click Here To Watch

February 24th, 2022 - Morristown, New Jersey – ETV co-hosts an educational panel and its founder explores the vestiges of PTSS, the impact of U.S. policy and actions throughout history that have shaped the state of the Black economy today and offers solutions on accelerating positive change through accurately reframing the narrative, leaning into a growth mindset and take economic-based action.